We are a group of lawyers, Prosecutors and tax experts under the coordination of Juan Domingo Corpas as manager of the group

Whether you are seeking the counsel of lawyers in Marbella or wishing to contact lawyers in Spain regarding property matters involving any region in this country, Juan Domingo & Abogados will provide you with a professional service that is tailored to your individual needs.

The different professional services provided are as follows

Labour law, dismissals and incapacities

Legal court  representation for all types of ligitation throughout Spain

Procedure civil and trade courts litigation

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Juan Domingo Corpas


Lawyer with more than 25 years in real estate registration, purchase contracts & real estate services.

costa rica
Honorary Consul of Costa Rica in Andalucía

Mr Pedro Yarza Mayorga


With more than 20 year of professional expierence Expert in this area and non resident legal assistance plus inmigration law

Mr Rafael Lopez Serralbo

labour cases Lawyer

He has been dealing with labour cases for more than 20 years across the whole territory of Spain advising and representing any kind of business and individuals.

Manuel Lozano Yuste

Mortgage Lawyer

lawyer expert in mortgage legal matters and procedure court case concerning bank problems.

Mr Ignacio Domingo Corpas

Tax legal consultant

Tax legal consultant, chartered accounts and expert in Bankroutcy process expierence with more than 20 years ago.

Legal representative at court in any kind of litigation Spanish territory

Mr Jose Domingo Corpas

Legal representative

Málaga Madrid rest of Spain Districts

Mrs Presentación Garijo Beldo

Legal representative

Estepona-Cadiz- Marbella jurisdiction Districts

Mr John Graham. MRICS

Chartered Surveryo

Our Exclusive Property Sales & Marketing Consultant.
With over 20years experience in the Spanish & UKProperty Industry. John & his Team of Experts provide our clients with a Full Range of Property Services.
eg. Sales & Purchasing of Properties.

Property Investments.
Property Turn Key Reforms
New Property Build
Property Inspections
Property Valuations
Property Videos & photography
Property Maintenance.

Lawyer Firm

Expert spanish lawyers, solicitors and economists at Juan Domingo & Abogados can guide you through matters involving civil and commercial law as well as land use laws, tax and administrative law, litigation and arbitration. The primary activity of these Marbella lawyers and financial specialists is advising foreign investors in Spain from a fiscal and legal point of view.

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Thank to Juan Domingo & Abogados collected all the money paid to promotors company since the signature of private purchase ( more than years) of course I recommended to him to another british client who has same problems and sure they will win
Michael Hart
Bristish consulate recommends also this lawyer firm and they are included in our british list of law firms for british citizens.
Roslyn Crotty
Vice consul british consulate